A tailored solution for every client

What We Stand for


When it comes to developing software and working with data, communication can have a big impact on the end product. With us you talk to a nutritionist ánd a software engineer. We will do our best to achieve communication that satisfies both parties.


We believe that companies should be agile and active in this day and time. The world and your industry is constantly changing and we want to help you react to it.


Having to deal with software every day, we are very picky about how software works. Software needs to be a tool in life and not a challenge. We always strive for easy to use and long-lasting software solutions which satasfy our clients needs.

Product service

As Nutrisoft we like to take extra care of after-sales. Maintaining a good relationship with clients is what we find very important. This way we keep our selfs familiar with the ever changing industry.

Our Team

Lionel van Est
Lionel van Est - Nutritionist

"I find it important to take extra care to the client's wishes. My added value to this company is understanding the food industry and the challenges this industry gives. My job is making sure the client doesn't need a degree in computer science to create their own personal piece of software."

Luuk Blom
Luuk Blom - Software Engineer

"Creating something that is innovative, long-lasting and easy to use, drives me. The possibilities in software are as good as endless, so understanding the problem of the client is key. Only when we understand the problem we can find a fitting solution."